Friday, July 1, 2011

It's launch day!!

Hey gang!

Digital Digest has officially launched. Woohoo! *does happy dance* Come on everyone. Dance with me!

First up on the blog to celebrate the launch and Canada Day (like I'd forget to sneak in a mention of my nation's Me!! Come by and check out the first installment of Untouchable.

Now, you guys know I wouldn't be a very good blog momma if I didn't throw in a sales pitch for the baby I've been working on for a couple of months now. So, here goes...

I'm one of fifteen writers involved in a new venture to capitalize on the Kindle platform - the device as well as the reading application. There are almost ten thousand blogs available on Kindle right now for a paid subscription. We're launching ours on July first and need your help.

If you could sign up for the free two-week trial membership, it will help boost our blog ranking. Being higher in the rankings means more eyes on our blog and hopefully more paying subscriptions later. We do not expect you to stay on after the free trial; this request is solely to move our blog up higher for readers to find it.

The blog is called Digital Digest, and it’s a collection of original fiction (young adult, romance, fantasy, horror and everything in between) and non-fiction (book reviews, articles).

Here's how you find our blog on Kindle:

On July 1, 2011, please go to the Kindle store
Do a search for: Digital Digest
Click on Subscribe

You're done.

If, by chance, you open this email after the first, we could still use additional subscribers! And on that note, if you know of anyone with a Kindle who likes to read, then please feel free to pass this email on.

Thanks so much for supporting us. The goal is to get our work out to readers in the hopes of boosting sales for our publications, but the possibility of earning money on a Kindle subscription is a dream come true for any writer!

**I'll be sending out a reminder notice for you to un-subscribe on the 12th of July. My email plea was not so you'd be an ongoing supporter (although we won't stop you if you want to stay!), but to help our blog be seen by possible paying subscribers.

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