Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easter Treasure Hunt


I'm sure you're wondering what you're doing here instead of on my website. Well... there's no blog over there and since this is a hop.. I thought this would be fun. ;)

As part of the Read2Review Easter Treasure Hunt, I'm giving away eCopies of Ardeur, the first book in my Abbey of Angels series.

What do you need to do to win the Grand Prize? Collect all the letters on each site and put them together at the end. (Ours is the letter U, btw)

To enter for a chance to win a copy of Ardeur, simply comment below and tell me which real life abby is the inspiration for the one in Ardeur.


  1. This sounds like an awesome read fingers crossed.

  2. Thank you for the hunt and the giveaway! Happy Easter!

  3. You're welcome. To be entered into the giveaway, there is a question that requires answering (see above). :)

    Hoppy Easter everyone.

  4. Loved both Abbey books, when is the next and what is the title?

  5. Hey Christy,

    I've just started on the next book, and am also working on a novella. No release dates planned yet, though.