Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen - Part II

Part II
“Jason. Oh, gods.”
Sidony’s hips lifted and ground against the thick cock that filled her. Jason’s warm tongue teased at her own as she writhed beneath him. Slick skin slid over dampened silk sheets. Pillows slithered to the floor with a soft hiss and thump that went unnoticed beneath the echoes of moans and flesh meeting flesh.
“Almost…there. I can…feel it.”
Jason sighed and rolled away to look over at her. His blue eyes took in the concave dip of her belly, the up thrust globes of her full breasts and lips slightly parted as she panted.
“No, you can’t.” He kissed her glistening shoulder and rolled over to give Sidony a kiss filled with the lingering taste of her own musky juices. “You’re not even close.”
“I never will be if you keep stopping like that.”
She turned her body towards his, a lithe thigh sliding over his muscular one. Her hips tilted against Jason as she sought to take him back inside.
“Sid, no.” Jason kissed the tip of her nose and pulled back. “We’ve been at it for three hours now. I’ve come more times than I can count and you – haven’t come close even once. We have to stop, Sidony.”
Unwilling to give up, Sidony reached for him and growled when her fingers grasped nothing but musky, vanilla scented air. “I…but…we…”
She looked up from the bed as he slipped dark blue silk boxers over his hips. The desperation in her voice, her expression, was a large pink elephant in the middle of the bed - difficult to ignore, yet there all the same.
“Face it. I’m not the one Sidony.”
“You have to be. The armor fits you.” Sidony sat up and pulled the sheet over her breasts. “You even said so yourself.”
He scrubbed a hand over his face and sighed heavily as he buttoned up the fly on his jeans. “It almost fit. Almost. I have to go. Pete and I have an early flight in the morning.”
Sidony sat, dumbfounded, as she watched him pick up his shirt and quietly leave her hotel room.
“Jason, wait.”
Her call came a moment too late as the door closed. Silence fell around her, deafening in its finality and she fell back against the mattress. She blinked at the ceiling once, twice and then closed her eyes as the first tears slid into the dark masses of her hair.
Sleep tugged at her and Sidony gave in to the undertow of fatigue as it pulled her under into the currents of a dream.
“Sidony.” A warm hand slid up the inside of her thigh. The sheets bunched around her hips as the questing touch neared her core. “Open your eyes and look at me. Watch me take you, push you over the edge you’ve been craving.”
Her eyes fluttered open and gazed down at the violet ones hidden behind a black domino. His face, framed by short, dark curls hovered near her navel. Lush lips curved in a cocky smile to match the wicked gleam in his eyes.
“Who are you?”
“Not important.” His tongue darted out and licked around the circumference of Sidony’s navel before dipping in. The soft, pink tip fluttered inside, mimicking what it would do were it a few inches lower.
Sidony moaned. Her fingers dug into his ebony curls as her hips tilted invitingly towards the fingers that traced the crease of her thigh.
“Open for me Sidony. Let me taste the delicious heaven I know is in there.”
The heat of his breath on her sensitive flesh as she opened for him aroused Sidony more than she’d been in decades. Her mind wanted to stop and analyze why she was so responsive to the masked stranger; but her body, it wanted to slap a muzzle on her brain and enjoy the ride.
His thumbs parted her folds and cool air rushed over Sidony’s skin before the heat of his mouth closed over her clit. The firm brush of his tongue seared the blood in her veins and she lifted her hips against his mouth.
“More. Gods, please…more.”
A soft hum of satisfaction vibrated against her skin and Sidony’s head dropped back into the pillows. Her back arched up off the bed as she pulled his hair to keep her dream lover from removing his mouth and ending the pleasure she craved desperately.
Every muscle was on high alert, tensed and poised to experience the one thing that had eluded Sidony for a hundred years – a blissful, mind-numbing orgasm.
Thick fingers pushed inside of her eager flesh that gripped tight in hungry needful contractions and pulled them in further.
“Yes, please, please, yes.”
He began a slow, languorous series of thrusts despite the frantic grinding against his hand and mouth. The gently curved tips of his fingers brushed over the anterior wall of Sidony’s vagina, each entry and retreat pushing her that tiny bit closer to the edge.
Sidony dug her nails into her lover’s scalp, a scream ready to rip from her throat as the next thrust, the next lick promised to send her over the edge.
The shrill ring of the telephone on the bedside table snapped Sidony out of her dream. Blood pumped madly through every inch of her body, her muscles throbbed with unreleased energy and her breath pushed passed her lips in short, frustrated pants.
She reached over and yanked the receiver from the cradle.
“Good morning, Miss Tassen. This is your four a.m. wake up call, as requested. Your car will be here at six sharp.”
“Thank you.” Sidony dropped the phone back onto the table and rolled to her stomach. Face down in the mattress she punched it and screamed into the best Sealy Posturepedic had to offer.
Astrid dropped into the seat next to Sidony and slipped her seat belt on before turning to assess her friend. Dark hair tied back in a ponytail, sunglasses, jeans, t-shirt and a distinct lack of makeup told her something was up.
“Spill it. You’ve been in a bitch since you came down and if I’ve got to endure the crabby assed routine all the way back home; you’re going to damn well tell me why.”
Pushing the shades up to sit on top of her head, Sidony pinned Astrid with an annoyed look. She gave her a brief rundown of the failed mattress marathon with Jason and the promising dream that had been cut short just as she’d been about to come, hard.
“Ohmygod, dude. That’s one hella harsh night.”
“I know. I have to find him, Astrid. He’s out there somewhere and if he can get me that close in a dream… I have to find him. Period.”
“We will.” Astrid patted her arm. “I have a feeling we’ll find him, and it will be in the last place we expected.”
“You’ll make sure to put it somewhere she can’t fail to see it?”
The courier nodded and tucked the thick, vellum envelope beneath his arm. “Yes, sir. It will be in plain sight for Ms. Tassen when she gets home.”
Michael tucked an ebony curl behind his ear and nodded. “Good. Thank you.”
“No problem, sir.”
“Michael.” A shrill voice called behind him and Michael turned his gaze away from the man dressed in the brown uniform to face his mother. “What are you doing?”
“Sending a package. What does it look like I’m doing?”
Ingrid Mongovian reached her son’s side and glared after the courier as he cleared the main doors and attained freedom. “I wasn’t aware that we had anything going out today.”
“We didn’t. I did.”
“Who was the package destined for?”
“None of your business, mother.” Michael moved to pass her but Ingrid gripped his arm. He looked up at her with what he hoped was ice in his violet eyes and she let go. “It’s time someone set Sidony free from the curse Aunt Amy put on her. It was stupid and vindictive.”
“She slept with the King. That little baggage deserves to suffer for disgracing the Queen.”
Michael growled. “The Queen died fifty years ago and the King has long since forgotten the likes of Sidony Tassen.”
“Clearly, you haven’t.” Ingrid huffed and twitched away an invisible spec of lint on her pristine business suit. “I could kill my sister for tying you into that stupid curse.”
“She did, and whether you like it or not, I am going to release her from it, Mother.” He turned his back on her and headed toward the elevators, and his office. “I’ve already given her a taste of what I can do for her. Now that she knows I’m out there, you can bet your ass she’ll come looking for me with a vengeance.”
The elevator dinged to announce its arrival and Michael grinned at his mother’s cry of outrage as he stepped inside and the doors closed behind him. The game was afoot and he was determined to see that it had a satisfactory outcome for himself but most of all, for Sidony.

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