Monday, December 20, 2010

Have a Kindle?

Want to read Cassiela – Book II in the Possession is Nine Tenths series months before anyone else?

I'm posting increments weekly with six other authors' work, prior to its publication in June, 2011. Chapters will be released in a blog, reminiscent of how Dickens' released Great Expectations over a century ago in print.

The blog is called Free Fantastical Fiction, and the name pretty much says it all.

Here's how you find our blog on Kindle:

On or after December 20th, 2010, please go to the Kindle store
Click on the sub-tab for Blogs (should find it right under the search field box)
Do a search for: Free Fiction
Look for our listing under blogs  
Click on Subscribe

Bam! You're done. You have just signed up for a free two-week trial and will receive seven installments a week from seven different books.

We don't expect you to stay after the trial period ends. This email is essentially a push to move us up in the rankings for other potential subscribers to see us. In thanks, we'll provide you with a direct link to the site so you can read the work for free and unsubscribe on the Kindle.

If you open this email after the 20th, we could still use additional subscribers to help move our blog up in the rankings! And on that note, if you know of anyone with a Kindle, please feel free to pass this email on.

Thanks so much for supporting us. The goal is to get our work out to readers in the hopes of boosting sales for our upcoming publications, and without your help we'll stay at the bottom of the Kindle pile for a long time.


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