Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's a Merry Christmas after all!

I received an early Christmas present this morning when I opened my email. The wonderful ladies at Joyfully Reviewed were kind enough to provide me with a phenomenal review of my book Ardeur - Book I in the Possession is Nine Tenths Series.

Anyone interested in seeing the actual review can do so.. here.

If you don't feel like clicking though.. voila! I've copied and pasted it below. Many thanks to Jo, Joy, Cheryl and all the wonderful ladies at Joyfully Reviewed. I hope you all have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

On a side note... Chapter One of Cassiela, Book II in the series is being released as a Free Read on Free Fantastical Fiction tomorrow! Drop by and take a gander.

Possession is Nine Tenths, Book 1
Contemporary Paranormal
ISBN: 978-0-9867187-0-0
Reviewed by Jo

To say that Ardeur Blasie Lisle’s life has been horrible really would be an understatement. Sold off and then invaded by a demon, her life as a Necromancer has been one nightmare after another. That is until she was finally able to escape her demon and put him in the cage where she had been. Finally trying to get her life back together, Ardeur has always had one person who’s memory has helped her make it through every horrible moment – a boy from her childhood who stood as her protector.
Brody Callaghan is an alpha werewolf without a home at the moment. After he left the military service, Brody has been hunting for a person who has haunted him since her sudden disappearance. Taking each day as it comes is how Brody goes on, because he just knows that the path will bring him back to Ardeur.  Brody has loved Ardeur since they were children and nothing is going to stop him from finding her and showing her all they have missed.
When an accident injures Ardeur, she wakes up at the Mount Angel Abbey where she learns that she isn’t alone in being different. More important she and Brody are reunited and the sparks fly instantly. While free-falling into love with Brody, Ardeur learns how she became a necromancer and that she can finally be rid of her caged demon – who wants out again. You might think that would put Ardeur and Brody on easy street for a life of loving, but you would be wrong. Unexpected changes and jealousy threatens to tear them apart again and this time forever.
Angels, demons and werewolves wouldn’t normally go together, but in Ardeur they do. I was amazed at how dark Ardeur’s story opened up.  However, as I kept reading I could see that she was determined not only to have her own life but the love of her life, too. I saw that Brody was just what Ardeur needed to finally have the life she dreamed of.  Ardeur’s take-no-prisoners attitude had me rooting for her and Brody. The final twists were some that I would have never imagined, although I just knew that Brody and Ardeur would have their life together no matter what. Ardeur is a dark into light journey that will keep you guessing from one page to another.

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