Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleeping Succubus

Part II of the Tarnished Tiaras Anthology

The blinking neon from the strip club next door lit the room in alternating bursts of yellow, blue and red. He watched her from the shadows as she slept beneath the window. A thick golden strand of her hair curled over the woman’s left cheek.  His fingers itched to brush it away but he resisted the temptation. Waking up the sleeping beauty wasn’t part of the plan; not yet, anyway.
Finally, he thought. You won’t escape me this time, Aurora.
Phillip pushed away from the wall he’d propped his six foot five frame against and moved closer to his prey.
“You have been a naughty girl, my love. Princesses shouldn’t behave the way you have.”
Despite being apart for six hundred years, the sound of his name whispered in Aurora’s sleepy voice turned him on. He adjusted the fit of his jeans and took a silent step forward.
Every visual cue showed that she was sleeping, but Phillip knew better. Aurora was powerful. If she wanted him to believe she was asleep, he would be none the wiser for it.
Not being able to tell the difference from afar left him with two options – put his plan into action earlier than anticipated, or risk alerting her to his presence by entering her mind. A few steps closer, another glance at Aurora’s curves beneath the thin sheet and Phillip’s decision was made. He’d searched too long to let her escape him again by alerting the sleeping succubus to his presence.
Phillip stripped down to his boxers; his clothes quietly discarded in a pile by the bed. The room was hot despite the breeze fluttering through the window and his skin grew sticky within seconds. Having watched her for months, he knew she slept naked but the sight of her as he pulled back the sheet took Phillip’s breath away.
Skin that had once been a smooth alabaster glowed a healthy sun-kissed gold. Her breasts were high and round, just as he remembered them. A petite waist that he could span with his hands flared to gently rounded hips and down incredibly long legs.
“Beauty. I’ve missed you.”
The curtains billowed as a strong gust of wind blew into the room and Phillip had his answer when Aurora continued to slumber. She was asleep, and he was safe to continue on with his plan to seduce his betrothed back to his bed.
Seated on the edge of the mattress, Phillip eased down to lay beside Aurora. He left the sheet pooled at her hips and trailed the tips of his fingers over the dip of her abdomen. The small hitch of her breath brought a satisfied smirk to his lips. Sex was second nature to their kind yet it thrilled Phillip to see her react to his touch.
“You’re mine. You’ve always been mine and now you are free to stop running.”
Phillip traced the curve beneath Aurora’s left breast and watched the dusky tip pucker. He could smell the start of her arousal in the hot, heavy air of her bedroom.
Careful not to touch his lips to her skin, Phillip caressed her body, re-acquainted himself with its silken terrain. He would awaken her from the enchanted slumber when the moment was right, not a second before. After all, someone had been waking her up these past centuries, and Phillip wanted their moment, when her eyes opened to meet his, to be very special.
He took his time, his fingers moving through the hot air over her skin, the delicate floral scent that was uniquely hers filled his lungs and Philip wondered who had been taking his place all these centuries.  There were no signs of a masculine presence in her apartment and she had never brought a male home during his surveillance of her the last while.
No matter, he thought. I’m here now and whoever had been waking you up is going to find themselves out of a job.
Aurora rolled to her back and the hand that had been caressing her hip was suddenly flat against the smooth mound of her sex. Even in sleep, she was an incredibly sexy creature. Phillip smiled. His hand slid down between his Beauty’s slender thighs and found the moist heat that he hadn’t touched in six centuries.
A satisfied grin spread over his lips. She wanted him. It was his name on her sweet, rose petal lips. Phillip slid one thick finger inside of her before adding a second that pulled a sleepy moan from her lips.
“That’s right, sweetheart. Phillip. Come for me, my Beauty, and I’ll wake you up.”
The soft rose scent of her skin underlined the aroma of lust that tickled Phillip’s nose as he stroked his beloved towards the first of many orgasms he planned to give her before dawn broke. Each soft moan fanned the flames of his desire for her. His member stirred beneath the thin silk boxers. It thickened, growing in length until the elastic gave way and the purplish glans pushed its way to freedom.
Blue lights flashed in from the crude signage outside. Combined with the red glow of Phillip’s eyes, it washed Aurora’s skin a deep, velvety purple, which changed to fiery orange and, lastly, a lush crimson. The last time he’d seen her like this had been by candle light and, he admitted to himself, he much preferred the flicker of candles to the harsh neon.
Incubus senses in full swing, Phillip focused his attentions on the woman beside him. Each glide of his fingers inside of her tight heat was easier as her own natural lubrication took over and drenched his hand. Her hips rose and fell with each push and pull. The wet, sucking sounds of flesh on flesh mingled with short, quick breaths the dim room.
Phillip put his power as an incubus to work and sent a short flare of power through his fingertips that threw Aurora over the edge into an orgasm and had her moaning in her sleep. He dipped his face close to her throat, nostrils flaring as he nuzzled the delicate curve from shoulder to jaw line. Overtaken by lust for his beloved, Phillip didn’t realize his lips had brushed her skin until her surprised gasp reached his ears.
“Phillip? What… Oh.”

Aurora’s eyes flew open and fixated on the man above her. The face that had haunted her dreams for six centuries was mere inches from hers. Without hesitation,   she pulled it to her lips for a passionate kiss. Her mouth crushed to his and opened when Phillip brushed his tongue across the seam.
There was only one reason Phillip would, or could, be there with her.  Aurora had plenty of questions that she wanted to ask him -- but they could wait. For now, her need for him overrode everything.
Body pulsing with desire, Aurora wrapped around him and rolled until she straddled Phillip’s midsection. Smooth silk hindered the skin-on-skin contact she craved and she growled in frustration.
“You – are overdressed, my love.”
Phillip chuckled softly and lifted his hips invitingly. “Feel free to correct that oversight then.”
Aurora’s tongue flicked out to lick the sensitive area behind his ear and she whispered. “Mmmm, it will be my pleasure – and yours.”
Strong, lightly callused fingers skimmed up Aurora’s back to tangle in her hair as she moved lower. Her teeth sank into the skin surrounding the flat disk of Phillip’s left nipple and the hard bulge pressed between Aurora’s thighs bucked against her.
The involuntary reaction told her that she was on the right track and her actions grew bolder with each touch. Light flares of power arched from Aurora’s fingertips as they skimmed over the ridges of Phillip’s abdomen and drew a series of sighs and moans from him.
Aurora sat back on her heels and looked down at her lover with a wicked blue gleam in her eyes. Her fingers traced the thick length of his erection beneath the ebony silk. Small, perfect white teeth bit the full sweep of her bottom lip as she watched Phillip arch up beneath her.
A smile to match the gleam in her eyes spread over Aurora’s lips. She gripped the fabric covering the object of her desire and tugged. The silk shredded without difficulty straight down the middle and her eyes feasted on the thick cock she’d been dreaming of riding again for centuries.
“Hello, old friend. How I’ve missed you.”
“Beauty, please…” Phillip pleaded with her. His hips rose up from the mattress and Aurora let out a short, husky laugh. Her fingers wrapped around the base of his cock as she lowered her mouth and took the plum-like tip of his erection between her lips. The velvety skin slid over her tongue and bathed her taste buds in the musky, salty taste of him.
Soft and slow, hard and fast Aurora worked her mouth up and down Phillip’s shaft. Her free hand worked the heavy weight of his sack between her fingers and gently squeezed the delicate orbs inside. Small waves of power radiated from her fingertips and into his sensitive skin. He slid over her tongue, each ridge and vein a variation of texture for her to explore, relearn. The natural spiciness of his skin reminded her of the first time she’d taken him in her mouth like a common trollop in her father’s stables.
She hummed deep in her throat when Phillip fisted his hands in her hair and tugged insistently. Aurora lifted her mouth off with a soft, moist pop. Her tongue dipped out and gave one final sweep as she slid up Phillip’s body.
“Miss me?”
Phillip hauled her up, rolled her beneath him and locked his lips to hers in a kiss that curled Aurora’s toes. Her thighs spread readily and Phillip sank between them with a groan.
“I have, and I can’t wait another minute to be inside of you.”
“Then don’t.”
Aurora reached down between them, gripped the thick rod of his erection and guided it to her opening. Phillip slammed home until he was buried to the root. Her knees locked around his back and gripped him as she rocked her hips in time with each thrust.
Power arced between them, a tiny storm that grew more fierce with each touch, each caress. Blue and red lightning melded together to form a purple glow that grew in intensity with each thrust of their bodies together. Aurora tilted her head back into the pillow and cried out as the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced raced through her body.
Half a dozen powerful strokes later, Phillip joined Aurora in her bliss as he bucked one final time inside of her. His head tilted back as a strangled cry burst from his lips while his seed pumped in thick, hot jets inside of her.
Phillip dropped down to the mattress beside Aurora where they lay panting together for several minutes, until she finally recovered her senses and rolled to face him. Her fingers traced lazy circles on the ridged surface of his abdomen as she arranged her thoughts.
“Phillip. How – Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that you’re here but – how can it be?”
Chocolate brown eyes no longer red with lust turned to meet hers. Phillip gave Aurora a triumphant smile. “Maleficent is dead. The crafty old bitch finally ran out of places to hide and disguises to use. I found her a few months ago and introduced her to the pointy end of my sword. We are free, Beauty. Finally free to be together forever, as we should be.”

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